Guidelines on Using Alcohol vs Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer for Hand Hygiene

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer:- We all know the fact that good hygiene is the saviour of health and mankind. One of the fact that we are listening to and talking about all around is keeping our hand’s germs free. This way we will keep ourselves safe and also protected.

Besides this, we will also help in minimising the spread of infections from respiratory to a stomach illness.This is because hand hygiene should become a lifelong habit.

Handwashing with soap and water is recommended as the best habit to keep you safe and fit, but this is not always present. In this case, hand sanitizer is the best and the effective way to keep you safe. They can be carried anywhere and also available in a wide range.

You can purchase them according to your choice and also to those of skin type. As we have been continuously focusing that there are alcohol and non-alcohol based sanitizers and hence you need to select the one which suits you.

Difference Between Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Based Sanitizer

Also, you should know what is the difference between alcohol and non-alcohol based sanitizers. The main component of sanitizer is alcohol as it works as an antiseptic agent which kills harmful bacteria. It contains components like ethanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol or 2-propanol, which helps it to become an active agent to kills harmful bacteria on its hands.

Whereas non-alcohol based hand sanitizer usually displays benzalkonium Chloride combined with water and another component which helps in smoothening of the skin.

Non-alcohol based hand sanitizer is non-toxic and comes in foam form. No matter which hand sanitizer you are using it is very necessary for you to read the instructions mentioned carefully before using the product.

Which Hand Sanitizer Solution Is Best

As per WHO if you are using hand sanitizer then it should contain 60% of the alcohol as it has been proven to kill 99% of the germs. There are various manufacturers new to those of old has been towards producing hand sanitizers online and also at affordable deals.

As in continuation with this FDA has recommended that the alcohol should not be less than 94% by volume.

Some Important Consideration

As alcohol with 60% of alcohol is known to be effective and you can carry them as they come in a portable form as well. You can carry them to offices, restaurants, hospitals etc. You can purchase them online in bulk or a single quantity.

You need to stay healthy and making use of hand sanitizers will help you in achieving it so.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be quite harsh for you to use and it can make your skin to be hard, so you need to choose the one which is effective and at the same type choose the one which suits you.

In the healthcare sector, the alcohol-based hand sanitizer is effective as it has the property to kill pathogens attacking and provide harm to one’s health.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

But to those schools where hand sanitizer can be used by young children’s, a non-alcohol based hand sanitizer should be used.

Most alcohol-free hand sanitizer is found in foam form whereas alcohol-based is found in a gel and liquid form.

You need to choose the one which has a positive impact on your health and on those of skin as well. In this way, you will be able to stay protected for long.

If you are in the USA and looking to find where you can purchase the hand sanitizers online then zh therapeutics have a wide range of hand sanitizers product online. You can get gel, liquid and foam based sanitizer. You can select what suits your skin and keeps you stay fit and healthy.

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